One Day Event In Slough This Weekend

One Day Dawrah Ilmiyyah at Markaz Mu’aadh b. Jabal in Slough


All proceeds donated on this day go to the Atharee Masjid Appeal in East London. All welcome: Men, women and children!

  • 1pm Abdulilah Lahmami

“The Distorted Beliefs Of The Sheea’h, Sufees and Qadiyanees In Regards To Allaah’s Names & Attributes”

  • 2:45pm Abu Khadeejah

“Introduction to Lum’atul-I’tiqaad Regarding the Names and Attributes of Allah, by Ibn Uthaimeen.”

  • 4:45pm Abu Umar Farooq

“They Never Made A Just Estimate Of Allaah As Is Due To Him.” Surah Zumar:67

  • 5:55pm Abu Idrees Muhammad

“Explanation & Virtues of The Greatest  Verse Of The Quraan The Aayatul-Kursee.”

  • 7pm Uways Taweel

The Hadeeth: “Allaah has 99 Names.” Saheeh Muslim.

  • 8.15pm Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

“The Beautiful Names Of Allaah And Their Effect In The Life Of A Muslim”

Venue: 19 Spackmans Way, Slough, SL12SA

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