Oh Muslims Overseas! Beware of Conspirators

By Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Ubaykaan
Taken from the paper ‘Ash-Sharaq Al-Awsat’ 6 July 2006

At this time last year a great evil took place. It visibly affected peoples’ wealth and lives, and injured the image of Islam and the Muslims throughout the whole world.

This time last year attacks were made against the London underground system and (London) buses and explosions went off. Tens of people died and were injured, as a result of these (actions).

Some Muslim youth, who reside in those lands, carried out these disgraceful acts. What is the correct stance that the Muslim should adopt towards this type of activity?

What advice is it incumbent upon us to offer to the Muslims abroad?

I say that there is not a shadow of doubt that a small group of people, whom ascribe themselves to Islam, have arisen, in the last few years,  traversing upon the methodology of the kharijites (a deviant sect) of the past. This (deviant sect) have left the religion like an arrow leaves its prey. Actually, this present group of people could possibly be viewed as being more astray and misguided than the original kharijites, because they have not only declared Muslims to be infidels and killed them but, instead, they have added to this by violating their covenants and transgressing against the people of the book and other than them, who have agreements with the Muslims; even the kharijtes of the past never done this. So pay attention oh my Muslim brother.

Islam has not sanctioned this type of activity. Opposite to that, Islamic law warns against these acts in the clearest fashion and discourages going down these paths.

On top of that, even Arab and Islamic customs reject these appalling acts that deeply damage the image of Islam. This has caused many non-Muslims to flee from Islam and shun its people.

For this reason, the attacks against London last year that were carried out by some misguided, astray Muslim youth are forbidden. Especially, (bearing in mind) that they killed tens of innocent people with their bombs. These (youth) have committed a grave sin. In the light of Islamic law, this is viewed as a violation of a covenant and treachery. An affair that has resulted in many negatives which have (damaged) the co-existence of these people, and I am referring to how the British people (interact) with the Muslims who reside in those lands.

These bombings have placed the rest of the Muslims of Britain in a difficult situation and, perhaps, caused some aggravation. The least of them being that this has portrayed the Muslims as a possible security threat.

It is not acceptable to reserve the slightest doubt about the fact that those responsible for the bombings in London and any other similar acts have carried out something forbidden in the light of Islamic law. No matter what excuses they offer. I say (for arguments sake) even if the non-Muslims, whom we were residing in their lands, were at war with us and we entered their lands and remained there with an agreement of their protection, it  is impermissible to deceive and betray them. The people of knowledge, like Ibn Qudaamah in Al-Mughni (a famous piece of classical Islamic jurisprudence), have mentioned this in the books of Islamic jurisprudence.

Therefore, there is no ambiguity that these bombings of the subway in London were a blatant form of deception.

My advice to my Muslim brothers who are residing in Britain, in the west generally or in any non-Muslim land is to be cautious of those conspirators amongst you, who falsely claim that they are implementing the correct Islam. In reality, these people strive to destroy the relationship that (the rest of the Muslims) have with their countries that have hosted them for their whole life.

Also, their activities deprive them (i.e. the rest of the Muslims) of the benefits of life, ruin their relationship with their hosting nations and citizens, spoil their reputation before the people and damage the rights they have acquired.

It is upon the Muslims in those lands to work together to uproot this deviant group, if advice brings no fruits, they should abandon and shun them, and inform upon every trouble maker from amongst them. To allow the rest of the Muslims in that land can live in peace and spread the true Islam. They should be torches of light and guidance, guiding the people to the magnificence and excellence of this great religion that Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, revealed as a mercy for the whole of mankind.

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