Encouragement to All! | Young Sisters Donate their Gold

May Allaah reward the young sisters who gave up their gold for the Masjid Athari Project. A great encouragement to all our sisters both in the United Kingdom and beyond to follow noble examples such as this. May Allaah grant them palaces in Jannah. Ameen

NEW VIDEO | Sticking to the Sunnah and it’s people by Abu Khadeejah

Our beloved brother Abu Khadeejah delivers a hard hitting reminder of the importance of sticking to the Sunnah and it’s people from shaykh Fawzan’s explanation of the classical work of ibn Abee Dawood as-Sijistaanee. Followed by a strong encouragement to the community of east London to establish Masjid Athari

ALERT | A Call To Ahlul-Khair, National & International

Masjid Athari requires the du’aa and generous financial donations & loans from both Ahlus-Sunnah internationally and the UK. Help us in establishing a Masjid of Sunnah in East London. A place where young and old can worship Allaah and learn about and memorise the Qur’aan. A place where beneficial and correct Islamic Knowledge will be spread to non-muslims and muslims …

Generous Gold Donations, East London – Sat 25/1

May Allaah grant the one who gives for His sake an abundance of reward. Ameen. “Verily, those who give Sadaqah, men and women, and lend Allaah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and theirs shall be an honourable good reward (i.e. Paradise).” (57:18)

£900 Raised so far by DaarutTawheed, South London

    May Allaah reward our brothers and sisters in Woolwich, South London and the neighbouring areas for raising £900 so far.May Allaah place it upon your scales of good and reward you all with Houses in Jannah.Ameen.

Sisters Saturday 25th Jan Bazaar RAISED…

…£3,132.30 and Jewellery! A tremendous effort by the noble sisters of East London. May Allaah grant them houses in Jannah. Verily the promise of Allaah is true and ever-lasting.Let us continue this effort and follow it up with more striving and initiatives to complete the fundraising for Masjid Athari, East London where more than just our community will benefit.   …