ALERT | A Call To Ahlul-Khair, National & International

Masjid Athari requires the du’aa and generous financial donations & loans from both Ahlus-Sunnah internationally and the UK. Help us in establishing a Masjid of Sunnah in East London. A place where young and old can worship Allaah and learn about and memorise the Qur’aan. A place where beneficial and correct Islamic Knowledge will be spread to non-muslims and muslims alike.

This is an opportunity for goodness in this life and a means for earning an abode in the hereafter. Our Lord has promised us,

“Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allaah, Allaah will build for him a house in Jannah” (Bukhari & Muslim)

We have 10 days remaining and £485k to raise. Lets together raise the foundations of Masjid Athari and leave a legacy for future generations.Trust in the reward from your Lord and donate now.

How can I  donate?

Bank Transfer


HSBC Bank (UK)

A/c no. 81689851

Sort code: 40-07-15

International IBAN code: GB56MIDL40071581689851




Send donations to:





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