Feedback From A Sister – North London Fundraising Event (26.1.14)

Regardless of how large or small our communities may be, the muhabbah (Love) between the Salafis is as clear as day and when one calls the others will answer bi’ithnillah, with no hesitation or reservations! They are ever aware of Allah’s words subhaanahu wata’aala:

“The believers, men and women, are awliyyaa’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors)of one another…”

[at-Taubah (9) : 71]

Alhamdulillah the fundraiser in North London, 26th Jan was an example of this, may we always be united for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wata’aala and upon haqq! Despite the windy rainy weather that day and the short notice of the event, in only a short few hours the sisters together raised £1085.09 Allahumma baarik!!

May it be a shade for us on the day where there is no shade ameen.

Umar Quinn, Allah preserve him, was kind enough to benefit us with a tele link, to conclude he says

“So We want to thank the sisters for the invitation to speak at this event to give some advice as regards Adhering to the sunnah in the time of fitnah, adhering to the way of the believers at a time of great challenges the Muslims are facing.

We say the statement of Hassan al Basri Rahimahullaahu ta’ala he said “I met a people that I am nothing compared to them except like a thief”
Meaning I am no one compared to them…..And it is an honour, it is something that I’m grateful to Allaah subhannahu wata’ala for – ya’nee for the invitation to speak for an event raising funds for the Athari Masjid.”

Allah accept it from him and all of us and bless all of our endeavours ameen!

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