[Must Read] New Announcement : Deadline Update

 All praise be to Allaah, The Mighty and the Majestic. We are pleased to announce to you all that the vendors have granted a further extension to the deadline previously set for the 28th February due to the formalities with the purchase contract not having been completely resolved.

Alhamdulillaah this is yet another blessing from Allaah and a further opportunity to raise the remainder of the funds needed in the meantime.

The new deadline therefore is the 12th March 2014.  May Allaah grant us success to establish Masjid Athari in East London, Ameen.

As part of our commitment to the community the Masjid Athari Project Team is working  diligently and continuously behind the scenes in the process of securing Masjid Athari in East London. The Team has been simultaneously considering alternative opportunities as way of a back-up plan regarding potential properties.

 Please continue to make du’aa, work hard and donate generously in the path of Allaah. You have all worked tirelessly and the fruits of that are evident. We have come a long way and the establishment of Masjid Athari is near, if Allaah wills.

We will continue to endeavour to keep you updated on any developments as and when they occur, insha Allah.

May Allaah reward you all immensely.

The Masjid Athari Project Team

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