Be Part of Masjid Abdul Aziz Bin Baz – How? Read on…

The refurbishment of Masjid Abdul Aziz Bin Baz commenced, by the permission of Allaah, in January 2015. Since then we have endeavoured to keep you all informed about the progress through our twitter account (@Athariyyah). You will have seen, step by step, the refurbishment works and the various milestones that have been reached so far, Walhamdulillaah.

The works have been overseen on a daily basis by the Al-Athariyyah Project Team. This has enabled the project to be directed in accordance to cost effectiveness and in-keeping with Masjid requirements. We have worked meticulously with our professional advisors , such as architects, local authority building regulations inspector, contractors and specialist trades to continue to achieve our goals.

From the beginning of the Masjid refurbishment we needed £160,000 in-order to complete this project. Alhamdulillaah, £60,000 had already been donated by an elder sister from East London, UK. May Allaah reward her with good in this life and a palace in Jannah. Ameen. This Sadaqah allowed us to start the 1st stage of the project which includes the following,

  • Demolition works to remove all existing internal partitions
  • Construction and connection of new drains for men’s, ladies and disabled toilets and wudu areas
  • Construction of new men’s, ladies and disabled toilet and wudu facilities inc. new toilets, taps and tiles
  • New plumbing and hot water throughout
  • Construction of a new office area
  • Construction of a new funeral washroom
  • Thermal-insulation plasterboards to all walls
  • Fire retardant boards and sound-insulation to all internal walls
  • New plaster-work throughout the building
  • New double-glazing throughout the building
  • New electrics throughout the building
  • New fire-retardant doors throughout the building
  • New Skylight windows to sisters prayers hall
  • New decoration throughout the building
  • New front door and much more…

For this work, by the Grace of Allaah, we have so far raised £91,000. An additional £9,000 is  needed to complete this 1st Stage.

In addition to these works, to complete the Masjid refurbishment, another £60,000 is needed for Stage 2 of the project. This will be for the following,

  • New central-heating throughout the building
  • Ventilation systems for men’s and ladies toilets
  • New Fire-alarm system
  • New Burglar-alarm system
  • New suspended ceiling throughout the building
  • Heat-recovery system
  • New CCTV system
  • New PA (sound and speaker) system

Help us to complete and open Masjid Abdul Aziz Bin Baz in time for this Ramadaan 2015. So that the first Taraweeh prayer can be held within it, uniting Ahlus-Sunnah upon the Sunnah, shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet. Allahu Akbar!!

And thereafter, daily Prayers and weekly Friday sermons can be held. Islamic lessons for brothers and sisters can be established. Boys and girls madrassah can start so that they are taught Qur’an and other important aspects of their belief.

All that is needed now is just £69,000 to complete and open the Masjid. Not an immense amount without doubt. Let’s share in the reward and aid by donating Sadaqah. Inviting family, friends and neighbours to goodness. Buy a brick and see your Masjid being established step by step. We continue to be transparent in how we spend this Sadaqah for the Sake of Allaah. May Allaah accept it from us and you and make it a means of entering Jannah and having magnificent abodes within it. Ameen.

Be part of this noble Masjid project now and make it a reality!

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